Insurance Shenanigans Confirmed

“Please be advised that there is no coverage available to our insured in this matter.”

[Note: A quick re-read of our post of April 24 ⎼ titled “Is Delmont Borough Insured?” — will be helpful to your understanding here.]
Here is an approximate timeline with regard to the insurance claim submitted by Delmont Borough solicitor Daniel J. Hewitt (McDonald Snyder, P.C, Latrobe, PA)relevant to damages perpetrated by the Borough to our properties in Salem Township through excessive storm water runoff and discharges of untreated sewage on a nearly unabated basis the week of February 16 ⎼ 25, 2018:

Tuesday, March 13 - We made a presentation to Borough council of photos of sewage discharges onto our property and into Beaver Run as specifically documented on February 16, February 19, February 22, and February 25, and of photos taken on March 4 documenting the "aftermath" of those discharges. The white debris documented in that set of photos is pulverized used toilet tissue and other unsani…

Throwback Thursday

Billboard posted along Route 66 South in Delmont Borough, PA, in May of 2017. (Photo by Molly Duerig/PublicSource)

More than a year later, nothing has changed.
In spite of our best efforts, Delmont Borough Council cannot be encouraged, or inspired, or emboldened, or roused, or cajoled,or incited, or provoked, or goaded, or embarrassed, or ridiculed into taking appropriate action to mitigate the causal factors behind its habitual discharges of raw sewage into Beaver Run: the illegal connections to the sewer system of certain property owners within the Borough that result in significant storm water inflows that swamp the system.
Delmont Borough is a community that intentionally and routinely discharges its untreated human waste into its own drinking water source.

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Latrobe's GOAL Magazine Features Our Farm

Latrobe’s GOAL Magazine featured a photo of our farm in its Spring 2018 issue as part of an article about a donor’s legacy gift of gas and mineral rights to Salem Lutheran Church in Delmont. 
Just beyond the pond you see at center, over the rise and down to the left, is the site of Delmont Borough’s illegal discharges of untreated human waste into Beaver Run.
OUR legacy - the duty and responsibility we feel in response to our thankfulness and appreciation for what has been entrusted to us - is to protect the natural habitats that serve countless varieties of birds, fish and wildlife and to preserve the beauty of the wonders that surround us.

photo source: GOAL Magazine’s Facebook page Note that this "neighborhood road" is actually located in Salem Township just beyond the Delmont Borough border.

Covert Ops

This article (below), posted to yesterday afternoon, accurately depicts the goings-on of yesterday morning with regard to these matters.

[We have provided a link to the published article and also present it in its entirety below.]

Ed Rebitch has on numerous occasions requested a round-table discussion among all parties - Delmont Borough, Salem Township, the PA DEP, State Representative Eric Nelson, and State Senator Kim Ward, together with representatives of Rock Springs Trust in Salem Township - to resolve issues attendant to Delmont Borough's intentional discharges of untreated human waste onto property owned by the Trust and into Beaver Run.

All of these parties met yesterday morning behind closed doors to the specific exclusion of the property owners - impacted stakeholders with a clear interest in the proceedings and first-hand knowledge about the impact of these activities upon the subject property and to Beaver Run.

Ed and the Trustee for Rock Springs Trust, having…

Can't Make This, Uh... Stuff... Up

This item was posted to MAWC's Facebook page on May 2, 2018:

Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County

May 6-12 is National Drinking Water Week.
We depend on our drinking water supply daily – but where does that water come from?
The MAWC encourages you to get to know your local water source, so together, we can protect and preserve it.
The investments we make as a community to protect our water source now ensure we have a sustainable drinking water supply for the future. Visit and to learn more.

Yes. Let us all get to know our local water source so that, together, we can protect and preserve it. 
Except Delmont Borough.
Beaver Run IS the local water source.
Don't be Delmont Borough.

Delmont Borough: We're Not the Bad Guys

Note: This Tribune-Review article was originally published in 2002. According to Trib personnel, the article was re-dated to 2012 during an archiving process. The individuals identified and the content presented within this article, as well as the by-line, support that the publication date has been changed. 

[Bold emphasis has been added to the article.]
Delmont: We're not 'bad guys' in pump-station dispute PAUL PATERRA | Sunday, May 13, 2012, 4:19 a.m. Delmont Council members feel they have been portrayed as the "bad guys" in the continuing dispute with the Salem Township Municipal Authority concerning the Cramer pump station. With that in mind, council held a special meeting Monday night to tell its side of the story. "We have had it," said Councilwoman Cher Anderson. "We want to be heard." The pump station has been a bone of contention between Delmont and the township authorit…

"Sewage" Interceptor—Delmont Borough council's Disregard and Contempt for the Environment, for the Borough's Law Abiding Residents, for Sewer Rate Payers, and for Municipal Water Consumers

Delmont Borough knowingly discharges untreated human waste into a primary source of this community's municipal water. This active contempt for public health and safety and for fish and wildlife habitats and natural ecosystems has been a hallmark of Delmont Borough for 20+ years.

Delmont Borough council has indicated through its April 10 statement that the Borough is pursuing construction of a Sewage Interceptor. The purpose of a sewage interceptor is to hold excess sewage back on a temporary basis so it can gradually and safely be directed into the system for transport to the treatment facility.

Delmont Borough has no excess sewage.
During times of dry weather, the sewage system contains and conducts its sewage generally without issue for treatment to FTMSA in Murrysville. In fact, during times of dry weather, the Borough has excess capacity in the system. FTMSA allows for 259,000 gallons per day (gpd) to be pumped from the Cramer Pump Station for treatment. In dry weather conditions…