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My name is Julie Rebitch. I live on a small farm in southwestern Pennsylvania that dates to the early 1820s. My husband's grandparents purchased the farm from the original homesteaders early in the 1920s. Our adult children are the fourth generation of his family to have lived here. 

Welcome to "the view from my window"
where I'll share important information and insight into Delmont Borough's failing sanitary sewer system, significant portions of which run through our family property. The Borough's sanitary sewer system regularly discharges untreated human waste and other bio hazards directly onto our private property and into Beaver Run, a significant source of municipal water provided by the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County.

ONE view from my window
At this time of year, one view from my window boasts white-tailed deer grazing in the fields below the house, multiple flocks of Canadian geese that have come home to nest, and a couple of blue herons that …