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Covert Ops

This article (below), posted to yesterday afternoon, accurately depicts the goings-on of yesterday morning with regard to these matters.

[We have provided a link to the published article and also present it in its entirety below.]

Ed Rebitch has on numerous occasions requested a round-table discussion among all parties - Delmont Borough, Salem Township, the PA DEP, State Representative Eric Nelson, and State Senator Kim Ward, together with representatives of Rock Springs Trust in Salem Township - to resolve issues attendant to Delmont Borough's intentional discharges of untreated human waste onto property owned by the Trust and into Beaver Run.

All of these parties met yesterday morning behind closed doors to the specific exclusion of the property owners - impacted stakeholders with a clear interest in the proceedings and first-hand knowledge about the impact of these activities upon the subject property and to Beaver Run.

Ed and the Trustee for Rock Springs Trust, having…

Can't Make This, Uh... Stuff... Up

This item was posted to MAWC's Facebook page on May 2, 2018:

Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County

May 6-12 is National Drinking Water Week.
We depend on our drinking water supply daily – but where does that water come from?
The MAWC encourages you to get to know your local water source, so together, we can protect and preserve it.
The investments we make as a community to protect our water source now ensure we have a sustainable drinking water supply for the future. Visit and to learn more.

Yes. Let us all get to know our local water source so that, together, we can protect and preserve it. 
Except Delmont Borough.
Beaver Run IS the local water source.
Don't be Delmont Borough.